Pioneer Woman – Steakhouse Pizza

Day #5 of Pioneer Woman Dinner Week was finished off with Steakhouse Pizza, including homemade dough.   I’ve been making my own pizza dough for a while now and enjoy trying new dough recipes.  The crust can make or break a pizza.   I usually make enough dough for two pizzas but this recipe was a single crust.

The original recipe calls for 2 onions to be grilled up but since the Mrs. isn’t a fan of onions I substituted green pepper.

On the griddle

I think then grilled up the flank steak and cut it into strips.


We used real mozzarella on this bad boy.  We rarely buy the real stuff but I did it in the name of following the recipe and it sure was tasty.  This used a couple ingredients I’ve never used with pizza before: 1) balsamic vinegar and 2) worcestershire sauce were added to the marinara sauce.


A quick ~10 min at 475 and we’re ready to go.  I heard a tip a while ago, that you let the pizza cool for as long as you baked it.    I think it’s supposed to help the crust soften up.



The finished product is sprinkled with parmesan and steak sauce.  We didn’t have any steak sauce though so I skipped that part.



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