Pancake Story

During the pasta class I took recently I overheard a conversation between two ladies who were ~55 years old that I thought was very interesting.  They were commenting on how simple it was to make your own pasta dough (flour + eggs).  This reminded one of the ladies about a recent experience in her life.

She went on to explain that one Saturday she went to make pancakes for her kids and her box of pancake mix was empty! (Me: OH THE HORROR!)  Thankfully she decided she would try to make pancakes herself instead of running out and buying another box mix.  I’ll give her credit for that.  She then emphatically told the lady next her, “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make them myself! I don’t need to buy pancake mix any more.”  She then tried to remember how she made them and only got as far as flour and water.  She probably thought of water because that’s what a box mix would call for.  If you’re making your own pancakes, you want to use milk as your primary liquid.

I tell this story because 1) I hate box mixes, and 2) our society is in a horrible place if we think we need a box mix to make pancakes.  How do you think people made pancakes (or anything that comes in a box) before those boxes were available?  The convenience of a box is turning people into dependent, uninformed individuals.

If you see something in a box, you can make it at home with ingredients you probably have on hand.  Don’t let those box mix companies make you think otherwise.


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