Fried Mozzarella Sticks

A couple weeks ago I did a Pioneer Woman week of meals and fried mozzarella sticks were an appetizer that got postponed until now.  Since I enjoy trying new things and eating fried foods it looked like a good fit.   The Mrs. likes to describe these types of food as “redneck foods.”  She thinks because I grew up in Indiana eating donuts, elephant ears, nachos, corn dogs, onion rings, pigs in a blanket, etc. that it somehow translates into “redneck foods”.  I consider these to be the little joys in life that people from all nations and backgrounds can enjoy.

The best days to cook, in order, are Saturday, Sunday, Friday.  This little ditty came on a Friday night after work.  I prefer to make things from scratch as much as possible but I didn’t feel like making my own breadcrumbs or mozzarella cheese. I’ll save that for another time.

Panko breadcrumbs were instructed for this but any kind would work fine.
Panko Breadcrumbs

The simplicity of this recipes comes from using mozzarella sticks. Since it’s just an appetizer I’m letting this slide.
Cheese Sticks

Then it’s 3 simple bowls of egg/milk, breadcrumbs + parsley/salt/pepper/whatever, and flour.


You take a piece of cheese, coat it in the flour, give it an egg bath and then let it soak up the breadcrumbs.  Once assembly is complete the next step (as The PW points out) is to plate the assembled sticks and then freeze them for 20-30 minutes.  Since you’re about to put cheese into hot oil you want to give it the best chance to survive the temperature without falling apart.


I guessed at the oil temperature here, it’s probably 350 degrees.  Like most things, when cooking, watch them until they’re the color you want and then flip or pull them out.

Frying cheese

In the end you should be left with some golden brown looking breaded cheese sticks.  You can see a couple burst open and the cheese is poking through. Don’t worry, they’ll taste like the other ones.


The Mrs. only ate 2/12 which meant I was left to finish off the other 10.  No, that was not a complaint.  However, these weren’t as flavorful as I was hoping for.  I don’t know if it was the cheese or the seasoning.  I’m sure to try this again but for now am satisfied with saying “Yeah, I’ve made those.”


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