I bought a skillet homeskillet

I went to TJMaxx today, which goes by the name TKMaxx if you’re in the UK funny enough.  Guess what I bought?

The Skillet

It’s 8″ cast iron skillet.  It’s a must have for making cornbread.  Not only because it cooks evenly but because it looks so cool. I mean, the restaurant brings out the cornbread in a cast iron skillet so I have to too. Duh.

We recently went out to eat at The Green Pig in Arlington, VA with a couple friends and got to experience a little bit of cornbread heaven.  This cornbread was moist, cake-like, and covered in honey butter.  Immediately I knew I had to attempt this recipe.   I’ve had this desire before, after eating the cake-like cornbread at Hard Time’s Cafe, but my cornbread just doesn’t come out the same way.

I have finally learned the secret!  There are two completely different types of cornbread, often described as Southern and Northern.   It turns out I had been making Southern cornbread which is dry, dense, gritty and just all around not that enjoyable.  The Northern style cornbread is a light, sweet, cake-like consistency I’ve come to know and love.   Armed with that bit of knowledge you look at recipes in a much different light.  You want a recipe that is NOT just cornmeal but has flour and sugar as well.  One drawback is that it’s no longer a gluten-free food.  Sorry.

After searching for various northern style recipes I settled on one from ABreadADay.com.

What made The Green Pig cornbread so good was that it’s cooked in Honey Butter, which is as simple as it sounds:  Butter + Honey.

Honey Butter

You slather that honey butter all over the skillet.  The Mrs. told me I should do more and I should have listened. Just add in the whole lot of it.

Honey Buttered Skillet

My photographer was taking a break while I was mixing the batter so we don’t have any ingredient shots.  Just follow the recipe I’ve linked to.  The batter perfectly filled the 8″ skillet.

Before Cooking

The final product, with more honey butter on top, came out looking exactly how I was hoping.  I could definitely serve that in a restaurant and be praised for my skills.   However,  the taste was still not cake-like enough. It was still a little too “southern” tasting.  I’ll try again with different flour-to-cornmeal ratio and see how it goes.

Beautiful Cornbread


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