Not your ice cream truck drumsticks

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for ice cream drumsticks (and real drummer drumsticks too actually).  You know the classic kind you get from an ice cream truck or any grocery store in America? A sugar cone filled with vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate and covered with peanuts.  I love how the vanilla ice cream fills the entire cone and then at the very end you’re left with a thick chunk of chocolate to finish off the cone.    Whoever came up with the idea of putting chocolate at the bottom of the cone is a genius and deserves our utmost respect.

I was trying to make this a surprise for the Mrs, so I just started in on it without picture documentation.  I’ll try to draw a mental picture to guide you along the way.

First it starts with the cone: sugar or waffle.  I got a waffle cone maker for Christmas last year and this time I used Martha Stewart’s sugar cone recipe.  She can guide you through the process.

Second, melt down some chocolate.  We use a double broiler approach.  Search for it on YouTube if you need to.  You can do straight chocolate or for a smoother, pourable chocolate add a little butter or heavy cream.

Third, scoop the vanilla ice cream into the cones, drizzle the chocolate all over the ice cream, and finally cover with bits of peanuts.   I had whole shell peanuts on hand which I opened up and diced up real fine.  I then put them in the freezer for a few minutes to set.


Then we ate them until we were stuffed.  I couldn’t believe how one of these drumsticks filled me up. I can usually put down 2-3 of the store bought ones.


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