Pulled Pork and Coleslaw Sandwiches

On our flight home from Vancouver last month I found a Food Network magazine in the seat back pocket in front of me.  Thank you to the person who forgot it. I promise to make good use of it.

As I flipped through the magazine a “meal” started to form in my mind.  I would make the pulled pork, the original coleslaw, and french bread to make one of my favorites meals:  The Sandwich.

I guess I haven’t posted about my new french bread escapades, but I’ve found that french bread is extremely easy to make and topped with butter is a hard combo to beat.  I felt it would be just the thing to finish off my sandwich.

One Monday morning I threw the pork butt in our slow cooker with chicken stock and a plethora of spices.  On my lunch break, I threw together the coleslaw, which was a first for me.  Half a head of cabbage, carrots, mayo, mustard, and some spices all mixed together.   I also prepped the dough for the french bread (flour, yeast, salt, water) and let it rise throughout the afternoon.

After work I threw the loaves in the oven, removed the pork from the slow cooker and assembled the final result.   Yes, they look amazing, I agree.  They also taste as good as they look.   Next time you order a pulled pork sandwich tell them you want the coleslaw on top, not as a side.  They make a great combo.

The Sandwich


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