The B.L.T. Pasta

I’m trying to remember how I came up with the idea for this meal but something deep inside me wanted it.  I remember we were talking with some friends who were having pasta for dinner and I had suggested having B.L.T sandwiches the week before so I think it somehow came together subconsciously.  It just so happened that the famous Chef John at Food Wishes had this planned out for me already.

I made a few substitutions to the recipe since I didn’t have any arugula or creme fraiche nearby.  Cause who really has those on hand?

I learned a bit about creme fraiche tonight.  First, I thought that yogurt or sour cream would be a good substitute, but read they don’t hold up under high heat and tend to separate.  I then read that Creme Fraiche is just heavy cream that has been soured and thickened.   Since I always have heavy cream on hand I decided to just use that instead.

While cooking the pasta and bacon (separately of course) I diced up the lettuce and tomatoes. Once the bacon was done I added garlic, lemon zest and heavy cream.  Once that had simmered a bit I threw in the lettuce and tomatoes for a minute and mixed in the pasta to create the final dish.  I let this cook for 5-10 minutes to let the flavors meld together and then it’s ready to serve.

B.L.T. Pasta


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