I’ve always been a lover of food and all things baked, battered, or fried.   The desire for food has grown into a desire to cook, prepare, and serve others great tasting food.  I’m a rule follower by nature so following a recipe is not a problem for me.  I’ve learned that I love the science behind cooking and baking as well.   The ingredients, temperature, and mixing style has a lot to do with how food turns out.   This is now the new home for all my foodie projects.  I was previously posting under a personal blog (www.joeyandheidi.com) but didn’t want to pollute it with random pictures of food.

By day I’m a software engineer, which is where I was dubbed the HethMonster, so Ive carried that theme over.  My software related blog can be found @ hethmonster.wordpress.com.

Hopefully somebody other than me enjoys this site



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