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The Thumbprint

The Mrs. and I got hooked on Whole Food’s Raspberry Thumbprint cookies a while back.  We have been known to buy a container and eat half of them on the way home.  They’re just so soft and chewy that you mindlessly keep shoving them in your mouth because you lack the will power to close the lid.

Since I don’t like to buy things I can make and I could save myself a trip to the grocery store, I figured I should give these a try.

A thumbprint cookie is pretty basic. It’s buttery shortbread and your choice of jam/jelly/preserve that fills a thumbprint shaped indention on top.  Do you know why we have three names for the same fruity topping?  Apparently jelly goes with peanut butter, jam goes with bread (according to the Sound of Music), and a preserve just sounds like I’m not allowed to eat it.

Notice that I said thumbprint cookies are basic and that’s not the same as simple.  A shortbread cookie is primarily butter (lots of it), flour, and sugar.  The tough part is the choice of egg.  Do you do no eggs, whole eggs or just egg yolks… and how many.  I found quite the debate on this topic and it can drastically change the result.  You could be left with a dry crumbly shortbread or a soft chewy one.

After some reading and debate I went with the yolk only approach.

Initial Stage

We used a teaspoon to make the thumbprint impressions and the Mrs. put a thin layer of strawberry jelly down.



I was trying to avoid any burnt/dark edges and succeeded for the most part.  I wanted that uniform yellowish/white look of perfection.

Final Product

The final product was a little more crumbly than I would have liked but the next day they actually softened up a bit.  I’ll definitely make these again and maybe add another egg yolk.