My First Frittata

I was on the prowl for a dinner idea and I was reminded of a dish a co-worker of mine frequently makes. The classic frittata.

I have to admit, I thought a frittata would be a bit more involved than it turned out to be.   As I do before all my endeavors, I started my research on recipes, approaches, and recommendations.   It didn’t take long to figure out that dinner was going to be eggs + whatever I wanted to add to it.

My cast iron skillet was the right move on this. I cooked up some potatoes and spinach in a little butter.

Potatoes and Spinach

Then I beat the eggs and added a few spices. I don’t remember exactly what I added. I think it included salt, pepper, basil, and maybe oregano.

Eggs and Spices

I added the egg mixture to the potatoes and let that cook on the stove over medium heat until it started to firm up.


Then I put it in the oven at 350f until completely set.

Finished Product

My co-worker suggests making this at the start of your week and having a slice for breakfast each morning.

The Mrs. and I decided we’d eat the whole thing.


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